#The100DayProject2022 - Days 11-15
Some subjects created for the Instagram challenge #The100DayProject of 2022. I am experimenting with Maya MASH, simulations, parametric modeling and shading with Arnold.
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Day 11/100 Infinite 3d loop animation made in Maya. Parametric modelling made using the deformers.
Day 12/100 Abstract sphere model made in Maya. Shading in Arnold with metal and flakes materials.
Day 13/100 Abstract model made in Maya. Experiment with MASH trails and shading in Arnold.
Day 14/100 Newton's pendulum model made in Maya. I experiment with the dynamics of rigid body; lighting and shading in Arnold.
Day 15/100 Abstract 3D animation made with Maya and Mash. Lighting and shading in Arnold.

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